Lessons for Foreign Firms Expanding to the U.S.

Lessons for Foreign Firms Expanding to the U.S.

Contemplating a move into the United States? It’s complicated. We’ll highlight the top finance, accounting and operational challenges that foreign companies face when coming here. In this special webinar for overseas companies branching out to the U.S. market, APN Group will lay out the many decisions ahead and the essentials for getting properly established here. Join Senior Controllers Raluca Louw and Teresa Crawford, who have taken a variety of European companies through their U.S. journey, as they go over the many decisions involved, and some critical do’s and don’ts. We’ll highlight some stumbles that other firms have made, to help streamline your journey.

You’ll learn:
• What’s involved in banking relationships
• How to think through accounting methods and systems
• Financial reporting requirements that differ from your home country’s
• Navigating sales tax, insurance and other business practices
• How to set up payroll for employees moving here
• How to find and establish business partnerships to ensure success

We hope you can join us for this educational event.


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