Tax and audits can be a crushing time—our accounting pros are prepared for all your CPA firm’s requests.

Audit and tax seasons spread everyone thin, as the pressure is on to get all financial documentation in order, ready for review. That’s why companies and their CPA firms rely on us as a lifeline during these busy times. Gain peace of mind knowing our accounting experts will gather key reports and address all the queries posed by your trusted financial partner. CPA firms appreciate that while we don’t conduct audits or do taxes, we have loads of experience working closely with firms that do. By ensuring that audits and tax returns include clean work papers, we make everyone’s life easier.

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CPA Support can include:

  • Balance sheet preparation for tax purposes
  • P&L preparation and analysis for tax purposes
  • Expense analysis for tax returns
  • Full tax package with clean worksheets and ongoing support
  • Ad hoc analysis for tax returns
  • Pre-audit preparedness, with organized work papers
  • Consistent, supportive, expert liaison between the company and CPA firm

You don’t always have the time or resources to go through tax and audit season alone.

CPA firms rely on us for important financial support throughout the process while companies know we have their back. Contact us to find out how we can help support your CPA firm.

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