Dawn Krueger

Meet The Team

Dawn Krueger

Meet The Team

Dawn Krueger

Accounting Manager

Dawn joins APN Group with over 10 years of Financial Accounting experience. She has extensive knowledge in budgeting , forecasting, payroll and platform integrations for clients. 7 of the 10 years was spent in the faith based and non-profit industries, including obtaining 501(c)3, standardization of HR procedures and documentation, financial reporting and account analysis. Dawn holds a Bachelor’s in Accounting and Master’s in Business Administration from Columbus State University.

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Meet Dawn

Q: What Is Your Hometown and What Do You Love About It?

Columbus, Georgia. It is the second largest city in Georgia but it really feels like a small town where everyone knows you. It has a very laid back southern charm feel, but is only an hour and half from the Atlanta airport so we still have the big city access.


Q: What Inspires You?

People who are trying to change the world one person at a time. I love seeing how people and non-profits can make a difference in one life and it snowballs to changing entire communities.


Q: What Is Your Biggest Passion Outside of Your Work?

My family. I love spending time with them, experiencing new things, and trying new adventures.


Q: What’s Your Favorite City to Dine In?

Saint Simons. I love coastal towns and their fresh seafood. I especially love wandering and finding local restaurants off the beaten path.

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