Dawn Krueger

Dawn Krueger

Dawn Krueger

Accounting Manager

Dawn joins APN Group with over 10 years of Financial Accounting experience. She has extensive knowledge in budgeting , forecasting, payroll and platform integrations for clients. 7 of the 10 years was spent in the faith based and non-profit industries, including obtaining 501(c)3, standardization of HR procedures and documentation, financial reporting and account analysis. Dawn holds a Bachelor’s in Accounting and Master’s in Business Administration from Columbus State University.

Meet Dawn

Q: What Is Your Hometown and What Do You Love About It?

Columbus, Georgia. It is the second largest city in Georgia but it really feels like a small town where everyone knows you. It has a very laid back southern charm feel, but is only an hour and half from the Atlanta airport so we still have the big city access.


Q: What Inspires You?

People who are trying to change the world one person at a time. I love seeing how people and non-profits can make a difference in one life and it snowballs to changing entire communities.


Q: What Is Your Biggest Passion Outside of Your Work?

My family. I love spending time with them, experiencing new things, and trying new adventures.


Q: What’s Your Favorite City to Dine In?

Saint Simons. I love coastal towns and their fresh seafood. I especially love wandering and finding local restaurants off the beaten path.

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