Money Matters: A Simple Guide for Nonprofit Board Rockstars

In the dynamic realm of nonprofit leadership, board members serve as the guiding force steering their organizations toward success. Understanding financial statements is pivotal in making informed decisions that shape the destiny of nonprofits. In this blog, we unveil essential insights tailored for nonprofit board…

Advice from Outsourced Accounting Experts: How to Prepare for Your Next Audit

Audits aren’t typically top of mind for leaders of small or midsize companies. But when it comes time to have the finances audited—whether it’s an IRS audit, an external financial audit, or a due diligence review—it can quickly become a “drop everything” event. When an…

Planning for Year-End: 5 Steps to Take Before the Ball Drops

This year may have seemed longer than most, but the year is finally coming to a close—and so is the amount of time you have left to make sure your small or midsize company’s finances and HR needs are in order. As year-end planning gets…

Spend Wisely and Maximize Your PPP Forgiveness

With many moving parts and shifting timelines, the Paycheck Protection Program has been tough for small and midsize businesses to navigate.

Understanding PPP and EIDL Stimulus Programs

Navigating the various programs enacted in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic can be daunting. Learn about the Paycheck Protection Program and how it can help your business at this special time.

Helpful Links and Resources to Navigate the COVID-19 Fallout

Like everyone else, APN Group has had to brush up on a lot of new and previously existing resources as we steward our clients through the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Letter from Leadership

First, we want to say that we hope you, your employees, and loved ones are all safe and healthy. While our work environment was already flexible, we express our sincere gratitude for collaborating to ensure a seamless transition…