Britney Edwards

Britney Edwards

Britney Edwards

Accounting Manager

Britney joined APN Group with over 12 years of dedicated experience in the field of accounting. Britney is a seasoned finance professional with extensive experience in both for-profit and nonprofit sectors. With a proven track record in financial management, she excels in optimizing processes, identifying opportunities for efficiency gains, and implementing software integration solutions to enhance financial reporting. Britney is an alumna of both Oakwood University, where she completed her undergraduate studies, and Bethel University, where she earned her Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in Accounting.

Meet Britney

Q: Where is your hometown and what do you love about it?

I’m from Nashville, TN. I love Nashville in the summer especially all the festivals, concerts, and restaurants.


Q: What is your idea of a perfect Saturday and why?

A perfect Saturday would be waking up to an ocean view on an island. I love to travel and be in the ocean so that would be ideal.


Q: What inspires you?

“Possibility” inspires me. Meaning, the possibility to do something, the possibility to travel, the possibility to learn and create. The thought of knowing more is out there and more can be done inspires me to keep going.


Q: What is your favorite city to dine in?

San Francisco is on the top of my list. The diversity of options is incredible, and I didn’t try anything that wasn’t tasty, from mom-and-pop smaller restaurants to fine dining it was all really good.

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