Diana Dix

Meet The Team

Diana Dix

Meet The Team

Diana Dix

Senior Controller

Meet Diana

Diana joins APN Group as a Senior Controller. Diana came to APN Group from Phi Mu Foundation where she was their Controller.

Diana has also held the positions of Audit Manager, Senior Accountant and Internal Auditor.

Diana will be heading our non-profit sector and will be growing that unit through business development.

Q: What Inspires You?

What inspires  me are people who face life’s challenges with faith and courage, people  who do the right thing when nobody is looking, and people who (quietly) give generously of their time and  resources to others.

Q: What Is Your Idea of a Perfect Saturday and Why?

A Perfect Saturday to me is one with nothing special planned – starting  the day having a cup of coffee with  my husband on the screened porch and making a big breakfast when  everyone is home.  Why? Because with most of our schedules so packed  with work and activities, it’s nice to just enjoy each other’s company  and take the day as it comes.

Q: What Is Your Biggest Passion Outside of Your Work?

My family – they’re my favorite people!  I love  spending time with them.   I also have a passion for traveling, so I’m  usually researching the next place I want to visit.

Q: When You’re Not Working, You Are…?

I have a long bucket list of places I want to visit someday, so I’m always planning our next trip somewhere.

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